Andalusia, Málaga
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508,44 m2

Sale price
9 000 000 €

Ref: M1005


The house rises discreetly, trying not to impose itself on the landscape, a fact that helps us to comply with the regulations of the area for its construction. That is why the ground floor is 1.75 m below the level of access to the plot. A gentle slope leads to the ground floor.
On entering the house (elevation +49.00), the large double-height door floods the entrance hall with light and the double-height space opens onto the pool and the pond that overflows into the swimming pool, with the sea in the background.
Between the hall and the pond is a large staircase in the form of a sculpture that articulates the space.
On one side, we have the kitchen, behind which is the working kitchen and pantry and, on the other side, the dining room, which is open to the guest room.
A spectacular double-height space separated from the family room by the open fireplace on two sides.
The spaciousness is reinforced by the large windows that flood the interior with natural light.
Behind the dining room, there is a toilet and outdoor shower.
Kitchen-dining room and are surrounded by a large porch, places between inside and outside, where the inhabitants of the place spend most of their time, protected from the summer sun.
The embrace of water is provided by the pond and the overflowing swimming pool, unfolding the image of the house in its mirror, with the gift of contemplating the sky upside down while disconnecting from routine.
We suggest making the roof passable, where a jacuzzi could be located from which to contemplate the landscape.
Connect the lift and have a toilet next to it.
In the centre of this level, there is a TV-games room with a bar-cellar.
The gymnasium is visually linked to the spa by its glass enclosures, which has an indoor swimming pool, a steam room and an indoor swimming pool.
All the rooms have large windows facing south-east, trying to make the most of the natural light and allowing the exterior to filter into the interior, letting the green environment into the house.